Welcome to the EXP-Editions Beta Test

 EXP-Editions provides easy access to diverse, reliable knowledge, shared by the best thinkers, researchers, and academics of our time. This new content-on-demand platform continuously produces brief, in-depth, and casual high-end videos, podcasts, and articles on social, environmental, economic, health, science, and historic issues that create a unique vantage point from which our users can better understand the complex world in which we live.

As we reach our internal milestones towards a full launch, we have decided to give early access to a select group of users so that they can help us shape this amazing product!

Beta test description:

  • We are starting our EXPEDITION and looking for people who want to participate in our beta test.
  • We’re looking for people who share passion for knowledge like we are and wants to help us share knowledge.
  • We need your help in testing the app and give us your feedback about the app, about the content , easy of use, the format and every  insight you want to share with us

The process of Participating in the beta test

  • We will explain you how the app works, and will be available for any question regarding the app and have support using the support form on the app or writing an email to support@exp-editions.com 
  • We will guide you how to download the app, register and start using
  • During the tests we will send you 2 surveys we will ask you to answer
  • We might call you if it’s ok, because we really wants to hear what you’re thinking about our app
  • It’s a great opportunity and we are graceful for the participate

Looking forward to start
The EXP-Editions team

“Knowledge is power. It’s the basis for everything we are and everything we do. Its tied to our identity, world-views, cultural capital, lifestyle, profession, and social standing”

Pierre-Antoine Ullmo

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, EXP-Editions

Today’s access to unlimited information, has left those seeking knowledge more lost than ever before. In this content-flooded reality, in which disinformation is rife, and self-proclaimed experts navigate social discourse, gaining reliable, proven knowledge is more critical than ever before.

Delivered to a generation that seeks to really know and understand, EXP-Editions provides easy access to reliable knowledge, by the best thinkers, researchers, and academics of our time. This new content-on-demand platform saves time and a great deal of effort in trying to locate reliable, trustworthy, well-rounded knowledge. The EXP-Editions platform continuously produces brief, in-depth, and casual high-end videos, podcasts, and articles that expose infinite angles on a wide range of issues. These allow the audience to build ideas, take a stand, and make informed choices that are based on real, researched, substantiated knowledge.

Using the App

A subscription-based digital platform that continuously produces original, media-specific videos, podcasts and articles, exposing infinite angles on a diverse range of issues.

The Platform provides:


Experts present their knowledge in short intimate conversations, delivered through videos, podcasts, and short articles. We call these content units ‘EXP’.


Several EXPs make up an Exp-Edition. Each expedition is made up of several experts speaking about various aspects of the same issue, creating a broader view and impactful expedition.


Subscribers create playlists around KOL and areas of interest.

Recommendations EXP-Editions recommends additional speakers and topics for subscribers to explore.

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Accessible knowledge from trusted experts has now, more than ever, become a necessary step for democracy and positive change.

Join us in that ambitious endeavour:

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